Sense and Sustainability screening with the filmmakers

Sense and Sustainability was shown to an audience in Farnham, Surrey on 9th March. David Richardson, who started Population Matters, as well as film-makers Michael and Amanda Connolly spoke and chatted about the film and discussed the topics raised in it.

The film features interviews with prominent environmentalists and campaigners mainly from the US, including Paul Ehrlich and asks the question, “Is a species set on endless growth sustainable?” The scale of the human endeavor and its impact on the environment is covered.

One telling feature in the film was the repeated talk of the expanding population of 7.2 billion on the planet. Already outdated as the film has been in production for some time. The population of the world has increased by another 300 million since filming, or more than 4 United Kingdoms.

Aimed more at the already converted environmentally aware audience, the filmmakers spoke about their exciting new follow-up film “The Age of Humans” featuring luminaries such as E.O. Wilson and Noam Chomsky.



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